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Jeep Tour Favela De Rocinha Shanty Town Tour

Jeep Tour Favela De Rocinha Shanty Town Tour Packages
Country: Brazil
City: Rio De Janeiro
Duration: 5 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Jeep Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

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In this tour we visit the Rocinha slum, the largest slum in South America with around 150 thousand inhabitants, where we can watch the routine of this community, visiting local houses, day nurseries, and schools. We walk through the small streets, watch the local commerce and visit the gym of the Samba School Acadêmicos da Rocinha. There is also a free market with food and handmade goods from the North and Northwest regions at the Boiadeiro Square.

Pick-up in convertible Jeeps at the hotel - Gávea Road - Rocinha Slum - walk throughout the streets up to the Boiadeiro square - Samba School gym - return to the hotel. To visit the day nurseries and schools, it is necessary to give a donation (goods, or money) directly to the members of the community.

Rocinha has a better-developed infrastructure and hundreds of businesses such as banks, medicine stores, bus routes, cable television, including locally based channel TV ROC (TV Rocinha), and, at one time, a McDonald's franchise.

In recent years, due to its relative safety in comparison to other favelas, Rocinha has developed tourism-oriented activities such as hostels, nightclubs, and guided tours. In September 2017, between 150 and 600 tourists were estimated to visit the slum per day, despite foreign governments' and the Rio police's safety warnings recommending against it.

The tours are often carried out by current or former residents of the quarters as guides, who on the one hand know the area well, on the other hand, are known to the population and enjoy the respect. There is a positive side effect if a (large) part of the tour income benefits the local population and you thus support them. They also offer local artisans the opportunity to sell souvenirs and generate income.

It is essential to treat the residents with the necessary respect and to observe basic safety rules:

- No unnecessary display of wealth: brand clothing, jewelry, pompous technology such as the latest smartphones or huge SLR cameras

- Ask beforehand before taking pictures with residents

- Respect for privacy: do not look into all the backyards and doors, looking for the snapshot

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