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Cidade Verde -green City

Cuiabá, Brazil

Capital of the state of Mato Grosso located in the exact geographic center of South America. Mato Grosso embraces three of Brazil’s most amazing ecosystems: the Amazon rainforest, savannahs of the Cerrado and of course world’s largest wetlands of the Pantanal.
Cuiabá, also called Cidade Verde (Green City), was originally gold-mining city, and now mostly serves as an excellent starting point to explore highly diversified flora and fauna of the region.
One of the most important football clubs from Mato Grosso is Mixto Esporte Clube, that played in the first division of the Campeonato Brasileiro for 11 straight seasons starting from 1976.

The city is a rich mix of European, African and native American influences and numerous museums reflect this. Cuiabá is also notable for its cuisine, dance, music and craftwork. Known as the "Southern gate to the Amazon", Cuiabá experiences a hot humid tropical climate. Cuiabá was one of the host cities of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. 

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