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Chapada Dos Guimarães


 In Chapada dos Guimarães Adventure sports, archaeology, esotericism, ecotourism come together. Chapada dos Guimarães has National Parks and "new-age" community. Visitors benefit from the town's unique accommodations, dining options, and crafts. An 80,000 acre National Park and UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the Brazilian savannah. The red rock cliffs and canyons are reminiscent of the desert buttes of the American Southwest. Endless trails carve out patterns into the rock, and waterfalls such as the 260 foot "Véu da Noiva" cascade down the side, forming amazing nature surrounded by lush flora where the water meets the ground. A paradise for eco tourists who can see stunning fauna, spectacular red sandstone walls with 46 identified ancient cave paintings, with many more to discover, as well as natural cave pools. One of them is Caverna Aroe Jari. Also interesting are the surrounding indigenous communities. Xingu National Park can be visited with a permit from Funai obtained at least one month prior to travel. Chapada dos Guimarães is an excellent side trip from the Pantanal.

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