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Blue Tree Towers Recife is the best option for those who are traveling for business or pleasure. It is located at Piedade beach in Jaboat . .

Recife, Brazil

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Blue Tree Towers Recife is the best option for those who are traveling for business or pleasure. It is located at Piedade beach in Jaboatão dos Guararapes and is 10 minutes from Recife’s International Airport. Blue Tree Towers Recife has full infrastructure for leisure or business, besides differentiated services, a beautiful ocean view, the style and hospitality that only Blue Tree Hotels has to offer.

Area Information

Recife is the capital of the state of Pernambuco and it is a city with many leisure, relaxation and culture options.

The natural beauties of Recife, which is situated in the coastal region, the artistic and popular expressions, the hospitality of the people make this destination a must. In addition, the city is known as the “Brazilian Venice” due to its many bridges.

Recife was founded by the Portuguese in 1537 and taken over by the Dutch in the following century. Situated alongside the village of Olinda, the most important center of the region at the time, the territory grew rapidly during the Dutch occupation which lasted from the 16th to the 19th century, when it was granted hefty investments for infrastructure and housing.
Dutch Count Maurício de Nassau, who governed Recife in the 17th century and was responsible for the urbanistic development of the area, made the small town grow into a village and then to a city.

Recife’s climate is hot throughout the year with average temperatures above 24º C (75.2º C). Despite the intense heat, the city has a rainy season between March and August.

The maracatu and the frevo dance are among the most expressive manifestations of the region’s culture. The maracatu is the dance of the carnival of Pernambuco. The movements are circular, imitating the movement of the waves, and the band that accompanies the parade is made up of the following instruments: taróis, bombos, zabumba, ganguêse ganzás.

Considered to be the musical symbol of Pernambuco and its people, the frevo is a frenzied and highly syncopated march. The rythym was influenced by the dobrado and the military marches and also the modinha and maxixe dances.

- Brennand Museum: within a reserve of the Atlantic forest, artist Francisco Brennand built this park in ceramic and it is where he exhibits 2 thousand pieces.

- Boa Viagem Beach: with a calm and warm sea and a water temperature of around 26ºC (78.8ºF) , this beach is surrounded by buildings, bars and restaurants, and it hosts some of the biggest parties of the city, such as carnival and new years.

- Gilberto Freire Foundation: the house of the educator is today a museum and stores the intellectual legacy of the master, produced and gathered by him.

- Santa Isabel Theater: in honor of Princess Isabel, this theater was built in the neoclassical style, crystal mirrors, French jugs and paintings of artist Murilo La Greca.

- Derby Headquarters: large two-floor palace built in 1924, the headquarters functioned as a public market and today belongs to the Military Police.

- Carmo Church: The Nossa Senhora do Carmo church is the patron saint of Recife since 1919, but the church was concluded in 1767. The building contains a lifesize image of the saint at the later of the basilica, besides an art gallery with paintings from the 18th century.

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